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布紙巾尺寸:20 x 20 厘米


Reusable Tissue Towels


Every day, 55 million tissue papers are discarded in Hong Kong, meaning 580,000 trees being cut every year. The manufacturing process of tissue papers pollutes our water, while our excessive use of tissue papers is causing a significant burden to our landfill – disposable tissue papers and napkins occupy 7% of our landfill – almost as much as plastic bags.


For many of us, it is intuitive to grab a tissue paper after washing hands, meals or for cleaning a table without knowing what we are doing to the environment. The case is even worse for those with nasal allergies – they live with tissue papers, while the tiny particles of tissue papers may worsen their symptoms. For tissue papers to look crisp white and clean, manufacturers often use fluorescent agents and other chemicals that will go down your throat as you wipe your mouth with them before you eat. 


Saupei’s reusable tissue towels are an eco-friendly alternative! In a size equivalent to a standard tissue paper, these towels are made from recycled cotton and are carefully folded and piled into a box just like regular tissue papers. These reusable towels are locally made by rehabilitation member at Jockey Club Upcycling Centre. More than soft and gentle on your skin, these towels are pre-rinsed and therefore ready to use. We also have a portable set enclosed to provide you with a handy, zero-waste supply on the go!


Poacket inculds 5 piecs of Tissue Towels and Pocket.

Size of Tissue Towels : 20 x 20 CM